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April 21, 2011

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt 2011

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Hey guys! There is a new Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt party, and below are the locations of each egg in order.

Egg 1 – Next to the Sensei at the Dojo

Egg 2 – At the Dock by Hyrdo-Hopper (Ballistic Biscuit) game

Egg 3 – In the Forest

Egg 4 – On the Lifeguard chair in the Pool

Egg 5 – On the Tree at the Mine Shack

Egg 6 – Behind the sofas in the Lodge Attic

Egg 7 – On the Mountain

Egg 8 – At the Snow Forts

Once you have all the eggs, click ‘claim prize’ and get the free background

Also, there is a new tree in the Ski Lodge

And a free item (explorer hat) at the Plaza

I haven’t posted for more than a year now, and have missed a lot of updates. A lot I do not like, such as the new Pet Shop look and the new game in the Dance Lounge.

Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia



April 1, 2010

Be posting soon…

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hey guys, i havent been posting recently for a long time, i will post about the april fools day party soon so bear with me 😉

March 5, 2010

Rockhopper Arrived and Catalog

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Hey guys! Rockhopper’s Ship has  docked to the Beach and has some pretty cool rare items!

He brought some new and old items, the Admiral Hat is a VERY old item and goes back to 2006! The free item is circled in red, and the member items are in black.

Also, there is a new Clothing Catalog and the cheats are below:

For the two Top Hats – Click the bottle and the cup.

Dazzling Tuxedo – Click the red botton on the camera.

There is one new background and three have made a come back!

Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


March 4, 2010

Newspaper Issue 229

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Hey guys! The new newspaper is out in club penguin and it says Rockhoppers Puffle Yarr has gone missing. So look out for him, he could be anywhere! I don’t know what happens when you find him, but I wanna find out!

Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


February 26, 2010

New Pin and Igloo Music

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 Hey guys! The new pin is a Wagon and is on the fireplace at the Ski Lodge!

Also, there is new igloo music.

PLUS: I got EPF today, (I know it’s been out for two years, but it’s really awesome!) I’m going to add the Mission Guides to my Secret Agents and Missions page! So keep watch on it!

Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


February 25, 2010

Sports Catalog, Orange Puffle and More

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Hey guys! CP is back to normal now and the Puffle Party has ended.

I just logged into cp and I  saw the Orange Puffle on the dog house in the pet shop and I opened the catalog and its in it now. Hover over it to make it jump up and down.

The orange Puffle looks really weird and falls in a deep sleep and other stuff.

There is also a new Sports Catalog at the Sports Shop. It has some cool baseball gear, swimming, and rock climbing!

The New Newspaper Issue 228 is out and it has information on future events in it! Click below to view it!

It’s your last chance to get the Feather Pin at the Beacon. The new Pin is out tomorrow!

PLUS: Rockhopper is coming on the 5th March, so he might last through St. Patrick’s Day!

Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


February 23, 2010

Rockhopper Coming!

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I just checked through the telescope on the Beacon, and I saw The Migator! This was a bit weird because CP would have said it on the blog or the newspaper! Anyway, he’ll probably come in about two weeks.

Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


February 18, 2010

Orange Puffle Sighted Again!

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Hey, I saw the Orange Puffle at the Ski Village on the ski lift! To see him, you have to get at least 10 penguins to wear the orange color and dance! Here is a picture

You might want to go on a popular server with 4-5 bars of penguins (more chance of seeing it!)

For information on the Puffle Party, look at post below!

Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


Puffle Party 2010

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Hey! The Puffle Party ’10 has begun!

Had you noticed the sign is made up of puffle colours except the ‘R’ is orange and the ‘T’ is brown…New Puffles I seek?

Free Item – Puffle Hat – Plaza

There is a members only puffle Show at the Ski Village

You can groom your puffle, show your puffle and even excercise your puffle on the obstical course at the bottom!

Free Item – Puffle Shirt – Puffle Show

The BEST rooms are the Pet Shop, Pool and the Mine which are dedicated to certain puffles. The Pet Shop is obviously dedicated to all puffles, but what ever puffle you are walking anywhere, the colour the balloons and decorations are!

The Mine is dedicated to the White Puffle that enjoys cold and ice!

The Pool is an awesome dedicated to the grumpy black puffle where it skateboards!

Also, press the switch at the back to turn the lights down!

 I was kinda suprised the Coffee Shop wasn’t decorated inside, it usually is!

New Furniture Catalog!

It has new Puffle Items!

1) Blue Lamp – Click inside the mailbox

2) Portal box – Click on the sofa cushion

3) HDTV -Click on the middle stone in the lamp

4) Snowboard rack – Click on the ski in the ski rack

New Igloo Catalog

There is also a new Igloo Catalog with new Igloos and carpets!

Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


Newspaper 227

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Hey! The newspaper Issue 227 is out and it has a shed load of info for the puffle party that should be coming soon today. But for now, not even any sign of a  balloon!

Future Events:

  • Puffle Party – Friday 19th February
  • Igloo Catalogs – Friday 19thF ebruary
  • Igloo Music – Friday 25th February
  • Pin hidden until February 25th
  • Next Pin hidden Friday 26th – March 11

Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


February 17, 2010

Puffle Party Update!

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Hey Guys! The CP Team have decided to move the Puffle Party to TOMMOROW instead! This is pretty late news for them, but they say they need to crush more bugs! Here’s a sneak peek for tomorrow!

Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


February 15, 2010

Puffle Party Sneak Peek

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Hey Everyone! CP Developer Blog updated some sneak peeks for the Puffle Party on February 19th! It looks like the Mines going to be full of snow!

Also, they say there’s going to be special rooms, decorations and more! Plus a member room!

I missed the Puffle Party last year, but it looks  like its going to be pretty awesome! What do you think? Comment!

Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


February 13, 2010

Orange Puffle Sightings

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Hey everyone! There have been a number of sightings of the legendary orange puffle over club penguin. Below is the orange puffle coming out of the coo coo clock in the Lounge every 30 minutes, instead of Fred

The puffle has also been seen flying by on a box in the Box Dimension. This happens every 15 minutes

Until Then…Waddle On!


February 12, 2010

New Pin and Stage Play

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Hey! The new Pin is a Feather and is at the Beacon

You’re gonna need this Pin later

There is a new stage play called ‘Secrets of the Bamboo Forest’ and it’s about some princess and other stuff… It’s not a bad play. Well, not the worst.

Inside, is a forest section and a palace section

To get to the throne, you need the feather pin and you can cross the bridge to get the princess background that will come out from the ground

Also, the new newspaper is out and Club Penguin decided to bring back the old NEW! icon since 2008! You may have noticed I use this NEW! logo on my most recent posts!

Until Then…Waddle On!


Newspaper Issue 226

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The new newspaper is out and it talks about the new stage play coming soon and the Puffle Party on 19th February

Future Events:

  • New Stage Play – Friday 12th February
  • Puffle Party – Friday 19th February
  • New Puffle Furniture Catalog – Friday 19th February
  • Furniture Catalog – Friday 19th February
  • Igloo Catalog – Friday 19th February
  • Pin hidden until Thursday 11
  • Next Pin hidden Friday 12th – Thursday 26th

Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


February 11, 2010

Newspaper Delayed!

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The newspaper issue 226 has been delayed until the bug can be fixed. Stay tuned for more information on the newspaper!

Until Then…Waddle On!


February 10, 2010

You Decide!

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Hey guys, the Club Penguin Developer Blog made a poll for the new item to come on April Fool’s day! There are three to choose from, (a shovel that digs, a jackhammer that makes flowers, or a jackhammer that makes trees!)

My personal favourite’s the Jackhammer that makes trees, comment your views!

Until Then…Waddle On!


February 5, 2010

New Clothing Catalog

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Hey guys! The new clothing catalog is out with some cool new cheats!

Wig and Dress – Click the top of the tree

Suede Jacket – Click the top of the mountain

Scarf – Click the top of the tree

Jade Necklace – Click the hat on the snowman

Also, there are new Backgrounds… some you may already have

Plus: I have just found out that Flag Pins are now available for non-members too! So everyone can show their country!

Until Then…Waddle On!


February 4, 2010

Newspaper Issue 225

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The Penguin Times issue 225 is out! And there is a Puffle Party coming soon on the 19th February! To read this paper, click the picture below!

Until Then…Waddle On!


January 28, 2010

Newspaper Issue 224

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Hey! Penguin Times issue 224 is out and the Mine rooms have been closed until further notice! To read this, click the picture below!

Until Then…Waddle On!


January 22, 2010

Miner’s Strike Over!

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I know you all probably know the Mine has been abandoned and empty for 4-5 years now, but there is actually something going on in it! There are three new rooms (I’m not sure if they are permanent or temporary) The free item is the Miners Helmet in the Mine.

Walk through the tunnel next to the Mine game (Cart Surfer) and you will be inside the ‘Mine Cave’.

In the Mine Cave, you can dig around in the pit in the centre for pieces of Amethyst.

Just collect all 5 pieces of the Amethyst, and you will recieve the Amethyst Pin!

Now, the boulder in the top right corner will shift, giving you access to the ‘Hidden Lake’!

The Hidden Lake has a large lake in the middle, and the Member Item is a Scuba Diving Suit which is 50 coins.

There is also another Member Room, which I can’t access yet, because I need to renew my membership, is an underwater room!

I still think this has some link to the Next Mission 11, but BillyBob has not said anything yet. The monitor in Agent HQ is still blank.

By the way, I’ve got new Funny Pics, and more are on the way!

Until Then…Waddle On!


January 21, 2010

Newspaper Issue 223

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Hey! Penguin Times Issue 223 is out, and inside is information about the Mine! Click the picture below to read the paper!

Until Then…Waddle On!


January 15, 2010

New Pin and Igloo Catalogs

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Hey! The new Puffer Fish Pin is at the Ice Berg

Below are the new furniture catalog cheats:

1) Portal box – Click on the sofa cushion

2) HDTV -Click on the middle stone in the lamp

3) Snowboard rack – Click on the ski in the ski rack

Until Then…Waddle On!


January 14, 2010

Newspaper Issue 222

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Hey everyone! Issue 222 of the newspaper has arrived today! It’s full of news about the Mine and other stuff coming up! There is new igloo music coming soon!

Until Then…Waddle On!


January 8, 2010

New Stage Play

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Hey Everyone! There is a new Stage Play at the Stage, it’s called ‘Fairy Fables’ and there is also a book that you can read about these fables!

Inside, it is divided into three sections, a room with a chair and fireplace, the dark wood, and the castle.

There is also a new Costume Catalog, looks like the Red Cape has finally made a cameo since three years back!

Until Then…Waddle On!


January 7, 2010

Newspaper Issue 221

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Club Penguin launched Penguin Style issue 221 today! To read this without logging into CP, click the picture below!

Until Then…Waddle On!


January 6, 2010

New Servers

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Nine new servers have been added to Club Penguin, these are listed below:

All around London we got tons of snow, so we got three days off school, plus Saturday and Sunday!

Until Then…Waddle On!


January 3, 2010

New Pin and Catalog

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Hey! There are fireworks exploding all over Club Penguin! You can see these best at the Mountain and the Iceberg!

There is a new Firework pin in the Lighthouse

Also, there is a new Clothing Catalog in the Gift Shop! There are some pretty cool clothes in there, you can even make your own custom shirt!

Pink Snorkel – Click the snowman’s nose

Pink Flippers – Click the tip of the mountain

Red Viking Helmet – Click the water bubble (open and close Red Viking Helmet window three times for the Blue Viking Helmet)

The rest of these catalog cheats are in a post further down!

CP updated this pretty late, almost a whole day!

Until Then…Waddle On!


January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

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Hey guys, hope you had an awesome Christmas! Just want to wish you a happy new year 2010! Did you see the firework display in central london? So awesome!

Until Then…Waddle On!


December 31, 2009

New Page!

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Hey Everyone! I have made a new page called Map where you can read all the information on all of the rooms in Club Penguin! I still need to add the rest of the rooms to it and of course, pictures of all the rooms, but comment on it and tell me what you think!

Until Then…Waddle On!


Newspaper Issue 220

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The Club Penguin newspaper issue 220 is out! If you don’t want to log into CP to read it, click the image below!

Until Then…Waddle On!


December 25, 2009

New Stage Play!

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The new stage play (Quest for the Golden Puffle) is out!

You can buy safari clothes in the catalogs and pretend your in the Temple of the Lost Ark or something!

Until Then…Waddle On!


December 24, 2009

Newspaper Issue 219

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Club Penguin launched Penguin Times Issue 219 today and the Coins for Change final results are in! To read this without logging in to Club Penguin, click the image below!

Missed an Issue? Go to the Boiler Room (through the speaker in the nightclub) and click the drawer on the green file

December 18, 2009

Christmas Party 09

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Hey Everyone! The Christmas Party 09 has begun!

The New Pin which is a Snowman is in The Ski Lodge Attic


The free Santa Hat is at the Ski Village

The rooms look pretty awesome, my favourite would have to be the Coffee Shop

The Lodge looks pretty cool too!

There is a massive Christmas tree at the Forest with some presents underneith it, and there is a seemingly pathetic tree at the Ice Berg, but if you get lots of people to dance, it will grow into a gigantic tree!

If you are a member, you can go for a ride on Santa’s Sleigh on the Night Club Roof! You have to drop 15 presents into the chimneys to recieve the Santa Suit

When you deliver all of the Presents, a Santa Suit will appear at the front of the sleigh, to get it, just click it!

All the rooms are finely decorated, and even the Gift Shop and HQ have been decorated for this fantastic holiday!

Also, there are many presents scattred around Club Penguin, but have you noticed that one of these toys is  a miniture version of the robot penguin in the Gadget Room in the Club penguin Missions 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10?

The robot can be seen at the Ski Village, the Mountain, and the Dojo Courtyard

This is an obvious link to Mission 11, but what will happen in it? We have never been able to touch this before, so we must be able to see what it does!

Until Then…Waddle On!


December 17, 2009

Newspaper Issue 218

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Club Penguin launched the newspaper Issue 218 today, and to view this without logging into CP, click the image below!

Until Then…Waddle On!


December 16, 2009

New Servers and Treasure Book 6

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Hey everyone CP launched three new servers, Below Zero, Cold Snap and Permafrost. Don’t know about ‘Cold Snap’ through, they must have ran out of ideas!

Also, there is a new Treasure Book and has some new items avaliable to buy! There is one page that has a large question mark in the center of it. Maybe it’s a special item!

Until Then…Waddle On!


December 14, 2009

Play Club Penguin!

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Hey guys! I figured out how to add CP to wordpress! Just add this link:

[“gigya src=”] but take out the “quotation marks” but keep the [brackets] then you will have this…

[gigya src=]

Until Then…Waddle On!


December 11, 2009

Rockhopper Arrived and Catalog Secrets

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Hey Everyone! Rockhopper has arrived at the Beach in Club Penguin!

Check out what items he has brought back! The Pirate hat was my first ever member item years back! (The items circled in red are non-member items, and the items circled in black are member items).

Well, Christmas is in two weeks, so Coins for Change is collecting moneyt for people in need! Donate coins at the Plaza, Town, Beach, Ski Village, and Rockhopper’s Ship! I’ve already donated up to 4000 coins! How about you guys?

The free item is kind of secret, its in a postcard, so you have to ask someone to  send you it. Some person I didn’t know sent me one without question, That’s the Christmas Spirit!

All you have to do, is click the card, and it will open, and reveal this…

While we are on the topic, there are five new Christmas Postcards, including the present one above!

Also, there is a Construction going on at the Night Club, my best guess is Santas Sled in the Dance Lounge is going to be on the Roof but it will most  be for members only! Finally the roof is opening again since July! Also, it looks like the Jet Pack Adventure Landing Pad is being moved to the Coffee Shop roof!

If you go to the Dance Lounge, you will see the Sled (in making) for Christmas!

Also, there are new Igloo Catalogs! The furniture catalog secrets are below!

Nutcracker – Click the Blue bird on the snowman’s head

Small Christmas Tree – Click the red ribbon on the Christmas Wreath

Christmas Lights – Click the star on top of the Big Christmas Tree

There is also a mystery present that will open automatically on Christmas Day!

Also, there is a new Igloo Catalog!

Until Then…Waddle On!


December 10, 2009

Newspaper Issue 217

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Club Penguin launched the Penguin Times Issue 217 today! It looks like Rockhopper will arrive through christmas and coins for change! To read this without logging on to CP, click the image below!

Until Then…Waddle On!


December 7, 2009

Christmas Party Sneak Peek and Upcoming Events

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Billybob updated the Developer Blog today and uploaded a sneak peek for the Christmas Party 09!

Also, he gave us a list of events! 



  • Coins for Change will begin – start saving!
  • New Postcards – with a Christmas surprise!
  • Rockhopper arrives with the Treasure Hunt game!
  • New catalogs – Holiday igloo stuff!

Until Then…Waddle On!


December 4, 2009

New Pin, Christmas Catalog and Rockhopper coming!

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Hey Everyone, the new Christmas Bell Pin is in the Forest.

Also, there is a new catalog at the Gift Shop and there are some cool new items and some old items brought back!

Stocking Cap – Click the ‘Coins for Change’ cauldren

Long Johns – Click the top of the tree

Drumsticks, Trumpet, Acoustic Guitar and Snare Drum – Click the instruments in the tree

All the rest of the secrets are in a post wayy down!

There are two new backgrounds (in red) and two old backgrounds brought back! (in blue)

Also, if you look out of the Telescope, you will see the famous ‘Migrator’ ship of Captain Rockhopper, who is coming for Christmas and Coins for Change! It looks like it has been decorated due to the green parts!

Until Then…Waddle On!


December 3, 2009

Newspaper Issue 216

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Hey Everyone! The Newspaper Issue 216 is out, to view this without logging in to CP, click the image below!

If you have missed some issues of the Club Penguin Newspaper, go to the Boiler Room, and click the top-left drawer on the green filing cabinet. (The previous 10 issues are there!

Until Then…Waddle On!


November 28, 2009

Mission 11 – You Decide and Important Notice

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Hey everyone! The Developer Blog has published a Poll for what Pair of Sunglasses you will earn in Mission 11. My Favourite is number 3, but it is your choice!

Also, Yesterday, I e-mailed CP about the Glitch with the Spy Phone, I said, ‘Hello CP This is Tylerhere07 again, just to let you know that on the Sky Phone, it still says ‘Pitch’ when it should be Ice Rink. It still links to the Ice Rink, but it says the wrong thing!’

I got the reply today and this is what they said about it:

‘Hi there penguin pal!

Thanks for taking the time to let us know about this issue. It is my understanding that the programmers decided not to change the Spy Phone settings because the Ice Rink is a temporary installment in Club Penguin, and the Soccer Pitch will return in due time. We didn’t want to cause any confusion among our fellow waddlers!”

– Meredith

So, Ice Rink fans out there, I don’t know when the Soccer Pitch will come back, but lets hope the Ice Berg will return permanently! I will look further into the subject.

Until Then…Waddle On!


November 27, 2009

Ice Rink Returns and Snow Party

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Hey everyone! The Ice Rink has finally returned! I’m so happy right now!

The Ice Rink is an awesome room! It makes the Soccer Pitch look rubbish (which it is!) Everybody’s partying at the Ice Rink now!

Also, if you go to the Snow Forts, the Ice Rink is there again!!

The Free Item is a Blue Pompom Toque and is located at the Mountain!

There is a new Sports Catalog at the Sport Shop, CP brought back the old Red and Blue Hockey Jersey (GO BLUES!), the Hockey Stick (one of the first items avaliable on CP, old funiture items and backgrunds. They have also made new items such as the Green Hockey Jersey and Ice Skating Gear! There are some secrets which I will list below!

Green Hockey Jersey – Click the Green Penguin behind the two playing hockey

Green Goalie Gear – Click the Lime Green Penguin behind the two goalie penguins

White Pom-Poms – Click the word ‘ICE’

The Partys really at the Ski Village, where there is a cool new Maze!

When you enter the Maze, it will look like this

Below is a map of how to complete the Maze (Note: This is a spoiler, if you want to do it yourself, do not look at picture below!)

When you complete the maze, you will enter the entrance to the Yeti’s Cave.

When you enter the cave, it is really awesome! There is a Snowcat (the big snowdigger on the right) And a Television and Couch on the left! The Prize is a Yeti Outfit!

Also, there are two new Racing Sleds avaliable in the Game Up-Grades for Sled Racing! They are the ones that I spoke about on the 19th. There are two colours avaliable, pink and green!

Until Then…Waddle On!


November 26, 2009

New Christmas Igloo Music!

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Hey Everyone! I just got some information from Double MVP’s blog and CP have made new Christmas Igloo Music!

Until Then…Waddle On!


Newspaper Issue 215

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Hey Everyone! Newspaper Issue 215 came out today, to view this without logging into CP, click the image below!

If you missed any past Newspapers, go to the Boiler Room in Club Penguin and click the top-left draw on the green filing cabinet!

Until Then…Waddle On!


November 20, 2009

New Pin and Igloo Catalogs

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Hey Everyone! The new Hot Chocolate Pin is located at the Coffee Shop!

There is a new Christmas themed Furniture Catalog with LOTS of secrets!

Coat Rack – Click the Modern Chair

Shoe Rack – Click the wood in the Aquarium

Wood Stove – Click the right table leg of the Coffee Table

Fireplace – Click the right Snow Tower

Icicles – Click the Top of the Snow Fortress Wall

Puffle Jack-O-Lantern – Click the brick of the Iron Gates

Cauldren – Click the broken window of the Creepy Cottage Cut-out

LCD Television – Click the Sad Jack-O-Lantern

Goofy Jack-O-Lantern – Click the Gravestone

Upright Piano – Click the Speaker on the Ticket Booth

Bowling Alley – Click the Top of the Window

There is also a new Igloo Catalog with a new Snowy Backyard Igloo and the Gingerbread House and the Snow Globe have both been brought back.

Until Then…Waddle On!


November 19, 2009

Newspaper and Fire Challenge Sneak Peek

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Hey Everyone! Club Penguin Times Issue 214 is here! And finally Club Penguin have listened to my E-Mails asking for the Ice Rink to return, and they have listened to me! You have to admit the Soccor Pitch sucks compared to the Ice Rink! Well, if you have never seen the Ice Rink before, it looks like this:

They are going to bring back the Red and Blue Hockey Jerseys, and the Hockey Stick which I already have in my inventory. I am so glad they are bringing it back! Comment to say what you think!

And also, The Newspaper tells us that the new Winter Sport Catalog will have new items, and there is a picture of penguins with Plastic Sleds

now these sleds can be seen at the Ski Village and in the Sports Shop, they have been there since I can remember, and have never been brought out, just like the skis you can see outside the Sports Shop!

And also, a yellow sled can be seen at the Sports Shop in the corner!

To View the Newspaper Issue 214 without logging in to CP, click the image below!

In Other News, Screenhog discussed Card-Jitsu Fire on the Club Penguin Developer Blog yesterday, to check out what he has to say, click herePlus, they gave us a new sneak peek of the Volcano Fire Challenge!

I also found another Fire Dojo Sneak Peek, but this one is of the full room! I don’t know how people find this stuff, but I got this one from Coolchazman‘s blog!

Until Then…Waddle On!


November 13, 2009

New Volcano Room and Ninja Amulet!

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Finally, the Volcano Room has been made! The Club Penguin Developer Blog has announced it will be finished by Friday 27th! But you have to be a member to enter! When you enter the Ninja Hideout, click the stone with the Fire symbol on it, and the Fire Doorway will emerge from the water. To enter this room, you MUST have the Ninja Amulet in your inventory.

To get the Ninja Amulet, you have to walk up to the stand with the ninja items on it, and the Martial Artworks Catalog will open up.

The Amulet is on the second page of the Martial Artworks Catalog. You don’t have to wear this to enter the Volcano.

Once you have walked through the doorway, you will enter the Volcano. This room is awesomely decorated, but it isn’t finished yet.

Until Then…Waddle On!


Norman Swarm Stage Play and Secret Room!

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Hey everyone! There is a new stage play called Norman Swarm about a penguin that is shrunk and meets strange creatures and insects and even gnomes!

Inside, the stage is completely covered in grass, flowers and insects! There are no seats available, as there are no chairs at all!

This has to be the most frustrating stage play in history, as to get to the secret room, you have to get at least four penguins (including at least ONE bug) to stand on any stones in the pattern of an X in the room. Sounds simple enough, except, no one listens to you and it takes about half and hour to actually get into the room! Sorry about the pictures, no one would move so I had to just take a picture and go!

So once you get underground, you will see a treasure chest, this holds the Pin, to open it, again stand on the stone X’s and it will open! The Pin is called a Magic Phial Pin.

Until Then…Waddle On!


November 12, 2009

New Newspaper and Stage Play Sneak Peek

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Hey everyone! Newspaper Issue 213 is here! To read this paper without logging into CP, just click the image below! P.S. The next issue URL will be /20091119

Newspaper Issue 213

Also, the Club Penguin Developer Blog updated a Sneak Peek of the new stage play tomorrow!

Sneak Peek

Until Then…Waddle On!


November 11, 2009

Up A Rank In Membership!

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Hey Everyone! I have renewed my membership, and I have moved up to 4th Rank! Just thought I’d mention it!

Until Then…Waddle On!


November 6, 2009

New Pin and Catalog!

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Hey guys sorry I haven’t been posting lately, but I will update this website for the stuff I have missed soon!

There is a new Sled Pin at the Mountain by the Ski Lift!

Sled Pin

There is a new Penguin Style Catalog at the Gift Shop with some brought back items, such as the Russian Hat (I had it anyway), Green Scarf, Winter Boots, Green Sue, Suede Jacket, Blue Earmuffs (Already Had), the Blue Turtleneck, and lots more new items!

Penguin Style

‘The Dizzy’ hair – Click the White Puffle on the Penguin’s head

The Dizzy Hair

Red/Blue Viking Helmet – Click the Dojo Bulding

Viking Helmets

Bowtie – Click the ‘N’ of Clearance on page 14


Until Then…Waddle On!


November 5, 2009

Mission Sneak Peek

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Club Penguin Developer Blog gave us a mission Sneak Peek! It looks like the monitor in the centre relates to the Town I found out from Double Mvp, but I’m not sure!

Until Then…Waddle On!


New Newspaper

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Club Penguin have made Penguin Times Issue 212! Click the image below to read it without logging in to CP! The next issue swf URL will have /20091112.swf at the end of it!

Newspaper Issue 212

Until Then…Waddle On!


November 2, 2009

Make Amulets with Goldsmith Aprons!

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There are new Goldsmith Aprons availiable in the Martial Artworks Catalog! They are just like the Brown Blacksmith Aprons, except, you work on GOLD anvils!

To hammer on the Golden Anvils, simply Dance, or press the ‘D’ key on your keyboard!

Until Then…Waddle On!


October 26, 2009

Halloween Party 2009

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Hi Everyone! I can’t update today, beause CP randomly updated and too many people are online. I will update tomorrow early.

Until Then…Waddle On!

October 24, 2009

Club Penguin 4th Year Anniversary Party!

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The Club Penguin 4th Year Anniversary Party has begun and it is at the Coffee Shop and the Book Room only!

Coffee Shop

Check out the Coffee Shop! The cake isn’t as big as the 2nd and 3rd party, but I’m sure it still tastes nice!

Coffee Shop

To recieve the New Party Hat, hover your cursor twice over the Pinata that, if you are an old penguin, is exactly the same pinata from The Winter Fiesta ’07, which if you hovered over, the Cactus Pin fell out!


Once you have hovered over it twice, the party hat will fall out. The colours of the hat are, Purple and Blue!

Party Hat

Also, check out the Book Room, there is a new 2008 – 2009 Yearbook, and you can click certain things in the book to show what the pins were at that time.

New Yearbook

Here is a picture of the Yearbook in the shelf. It is the Red one on the far right.

New Yearbook

Until Then…Waddle On!


October 23, 2009

New Pin

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There is a 4 Year Anniversary Cake Pin located in the Boiler Room

Anniversary Pin

The new pins seem to be getting bigger and bigger! Here is a picture of MY first pin (The Apple). Look at the size of it! It hasn’t got a white ring around it either!


The 4 Year Anniversary Pin is exactly the same as the 3rd year anniversary pin, just different colours and a ‘4’ on it

By the way, there was a new Newspaper yesterday, click the thumbnail below to read it without logging in! (By the way if you want to get a newspaper swf address, just get the previous swf address, and add seven to it, so the next adress would be, /20091029.swf

Newspaper Issue 210


Until Then…Waddle On!


October 9, 2009

New Pin, Storm Coming, Ninja Trial STILL not out!

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Hey Everyone! Check out the updates CP made:

The New Pin is at the Lodge Attic on the box on the left and it is a Football!

Football Pin

If you visit the Dojo Courtyard, you can see quite obviously that a storm has reached Club Penguin! It’s not the first time, it happened a year ago too. But for some reason, you can only see the storm at the courtyard and hideout!


And when you go to the hideout, nothing absolutely nothing has been done to the scaffolding on the left, and the only thing new is the storm and the lights are on! This is taking them too long! :evil


And The Gamma Girl vs. Shadow Guy Stage Play has made a cameo, check out the costume catalog and buy some superhero merchandise!

Stage Play

Click the image below to view the Newspaper Issue 208 swf!

Newspaper Issue 208

Club Penguin’s 4th Year Anniversary Party is coming soon, and the newspaper may be showing some subliminal messages behind the colours of the party hats this year. The Penguin is holding three balloons, Yellow, Green, and blue.


I have made a picture of what the party hat could look like!

Anniversary Hat Sneak Peek

Until Then…Waddle On!


October 6, 2009

Sneak Peek For Halloween!

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Billybob posted a new Sneak Peek on the Development Blog and looks like the Mine’s gonna be filled with slime but apparently it’s for members only! It would be so awesome if we could throw slimeballs instead of snowballs in this party!

Sneak Peek

Plus, here is a list of cool stuff happening later in the month:

Saturday, October 24 is Club Penguin’s 4th Anniversary. It’s a one day party so get there quick! Plus there’s a new yearbook so check that out too! 😛

Tuesday, October 27 is the Halloween Party. It looks like it’s gonna be so awesome like the three i’ve been to!

Until Then…Waddle on!


October 2, 2009

New Catalog Secrets and Volcano changes!

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Hey guys, there is a new Catalog at the Gift Shop. Here are the secrets:


Black Superhero Cape – Click the small toadstool

Black Superhero Cape

Ghost Sheet – Click the lantern at the top of the page

Ghost Sheet

Superhero Mask – Click the wizard Penguin’s foot on the right

Superhero Mask

Black Bowtie – Click the computer mouse

Black Bowtie

Red/Blue Viking Helmet – Click the beam on the piano – Click on and off 4 times for the Blue Viking Helmet!

Red/Blue Viking Helmet

There are also new backgrounds available, including the ghost background we all voted for!


Also, If you go to the Dojo Courtyard, you can see the Volcano smoke has increased, could it possible erupt, and maybe (hopefully) there can be a new secret agent mission on it? That would be so awesome! 😈


Until Then…Waddle On!


September 25, 2009

New Pin!

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Hey guys! The truth about the Ninja Room unfolds in this weeks newspaper so better read it by next week!

There is a new pin at the Book Room and it is a Padlock!

Padlock Pin

There are some cool events coming up, such as; Hallow’een Penguin Style Catalog, new igloo music, and new Stage play!


Remember to check out the Dojo next week for the new room! I will post news when it comes out!

Until Then…Waddle On!


September 21, 2009

Hunt Extended And I Met The Sensei!

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Hey guys, Sensei’s scavenger hunt has been extended until the 28th September and at least I can get my membership renewed before it now, because apparently the new room may be members only, but I hope it is for non-members too! By the way, here is a pic of the new room, and it has been described as a ‘Volcano’ by the Club Penguin Blog, so maybe the tallest mountain has always been a volcano? Who knows?


Also, on the 18th September, I met the Sensei on Ice Box at the Ninja Hideout, and hardly anyone was on the server! Here is a picture of me right next to him! (Sensei in Red Square and me in Black Circle!)


Click the cardboard Box to recieve the signed Sensei background!

Until Then…Waddle On!


September 14, 2009

Club Penguin Sensei Scavenger Hunt Locations

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Hey guys there is a really randomly updated Ninja Easter Egg hunt and you have to collect all fire related objects from around Club Penguin! If you look in almost every room, there is a sunset orange haze in the sky which is to do with a new ninja journey! Anyway, go to the ninja hideout and dress in the ninja outfit and put on the cloud wave things and wave in the circle!

Ninja Hideout

Fire Source 1 – Click the log in the fire in the Ski Lodge

Fire Source 1 - Lodge

Fire Source 2 – Click the candle on bookshelf at the Book Room

Fire Source 3 - Book Room

Fire Source 3 – Click the Black Puffle at the Pet Shop

Fire Source 3 - Pet Shop

Fire Source 4 – Click the lamp at the Mine

Fire Source 4 - Mine

Fire Source 5 – Click the Hot Sauce at the Pizza Parlor next to the pin

Fire Source 5 - Pizza Parlor

Fire Source 6 – Click on the stick in the fire at the Cove

Fire Source 7 - Cove

Fire Source 7 – Click on the Jet Pack from Jet Pack Adventure at the Beacon

Fire Source 7 - Beacon

Fire Source 8 – Click on Left lamp at the Dojo Courtyard

Fire Source 8 - Ninja Courtyard

Then, when you are finished, click ‘CLAIM PRIZE’ and you will be rewarded a Fire Pin and this is the 100th ever pin!

Claim Prize

This message will appear, press Yes and recieve the Fire pin! I don’t wear it though I’ll stick with the 23rd ever pin, My TRUSTY APPLE PIN! 

Fire Pin

Here is a picture of the fire pin on your Playercard!


If you go to the Beacon, you can click the on/ off button in the light and it will turn the light of and off!


Finally, check out the monitors in the Agent HQ, they have all updated! BUT, will this be the time when the blank screen is explained?


I will post any more updates to come!

Until Then…Waddle On!


September 11, 2009

New Items Available at Stands!

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Hey Guys! The new pin is at the Pizza Parlor and it is 101 Days of fun because it’s nearly over! Thank god. :mrgreen:

Pin 101

There is a new item on the stand, it is called the Stripey hat, and it kind of a mixture of the Mad Hatter’s hat and the Cat in the Hat’s hat!

Stripey Hat

Also, there are two new items at the member stand at the great puffle circus! There is a moustache and a candy floss/ popcorn/ fish making machine as a furniture item!

Moustache & Candy Floss Machine

And The Penguin that Time Forgot is showing at the Stage, so check ut out if you want to!


Plus, have you noticed the Black Puffles around Club Penguin? They are related with ninjas, and thats all I know about it. Because if you walk up to one wearing anything related to ninjas, the Black Puffle will set on fire! The first one I found was at the Forest:

Ninja Puffle

Another at the Ski Village on Rockhopper’s Hat:

Ninja Puffle

One at the Ninja Courtyard:

Ninja Puffle

And lastly at the Ninja Hideout:

Ninja Puffle

Until Then…Waddle On!


September 4, 2009

Fall Fair 2009

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Hey guys! The Fall Fair ’09 has begun!

Fall Fair

It’s as awesome as the one I went to two years ago! The best decorated room has to be the Pizza Parlor!

Pizza Parlor

You can collect tickets and buy items from the Stand in the Forest! There is a feathered tiara, a Star covered hat, A Beacon Background, and a Blue Candy Floss Pin!

Item Store

And if you’re a member, you can access the Puffle Circus, which is just next to the Forest!


Inside the Circus Tent, a yellow puffles acts as a ringleader and you can watch all the colours of the Puffles do their own unique skills!

Circus Tent

And here is a picture of the prizes you can get:

Member Item Store

There is also a Bonus Games Room available for everyone which contains the games, Balloon Pop, and Puffle Soaker!

Bonus Room

Also, Rockhopper is here, and check out the new stuff he has brought with him:


He has got some new and old items he has brought back! The Non-member Item is in the red square, and the Member items are in the black squares!

Rockhopper's Rare Items

I will update when there are more items!

Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


September 2, 2009

Rockhopper Closing in!

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Hey Guys! Rockhopper is close as ever now and he has brought some decorations and free items with him!

Rockhopper Closer!

Unless he crashes into and Iceberg again, Rockhopper is here for the Fall Fair!

Plus: There is also a new Penguin Style Catalog at the Gift Shop on the 4th September! So be prepared for an action packed week!

Penguin Style Soon!

PLUS: Check out my New and Improved CHEATS & SECRETS PAGE! It’s much better than my last one!

Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


August 28, 2009

New Pin, Fair, Rockhopper and Sports Catalog!

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Hey guys! There are some cool events arriving soon to CP but before I say what they are, heres the bacic stuff!

The New Pin is at the Cove by the bridge and it is a Koi Fish.

New Pin!

If you visit the Lighthouse, you will most definitely notice the boxes everywhere! The boxes are exactly the same as the boxes from the Fall Fair way back in September ’07! This Fair will start on the 4th September 2009!

Boxes, Boxes and more Boxes!

If you look through the telescope, you will see ‘The Migrator’ which will arrive when the Fair starts! Just like last year!


There is a new sports catalog in the Sport Shop and here are the items you can buy:

Sports Catalog

You can buy Blue, Red, and now Green football clothes! Also avaliable is a referee shirt and whistle, cheerleading outfits, gym mats and football flags for Igloos, Lifeguard wear and New Backgrounds!

Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


August 24, 2009

I’m a Member again!

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Yeah, I know this is my third time re-newing my membership, but I forgot how awesome it is!


I’ve got my 93 Head Items, 33 Face Items, 38 Neck Items, 96 Body Items, 41 Hand Items, 24 Feet Items, All 14 Colours, 58 Pins, and 113 Backgrounds!

I became a member three days from now because I had just got into CP again! The only thing wrong, is I missed the free Jet Pack! 😥

By the way I have gone on holiday so if I find a computer cafe or a library, I will post during the week!

Until Then…Waddle On!

August 15, 2009


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Hey guys! Just to let you know, I wont be leaving wordpress or Club Penguin for a long time!

Here is a list of pins I didn’t update about:

Pins I Missed

Well now I’ve cleared the air, here are the updates for the Club Penguin Fesival of Flight!

Festival of Flight

The new pin is at the Mine and it is a Sand Castle

 Sand Castle Pin

The free item in this party is a Green Propellor hat which can be found at The Plaza.

Green Propellor Hats

If you are a member, there is an Air Balloon ride in the Forest and it will take you all the way to the Tallest Mountain where you can collect a free Jet Pack!

Free Jet Packs

As you know, Club Penguin Island is currently hovering over the water with only fans and balloons keeping it up! What a brilliant idea for a party!

CP in the sky!

It’s so cool I thought I’d get a little closer to the edge!


If you go to the Ski Mountain, there is a Cloud-Maker 3000 most obviously created by Gary the Gadget Guy! Just press the red button and the monitor will show a picture of what it will create into a cloud!

Cloud-Maker 3000

And if you look through the telescope located at the Beacon or the binoculars located at the Cove, you will notice the clouds you created will fly past!


While you’re at the Town, why not pop in to the Night Club, where you can dance on top of the clouds and make it stormy or peaceful! Press the botton on the top-right hand side of the screen to control the weather!

Weather Controlling Button


Night Club Day

…or stormy!

Night Club Night

It’s good to be back!

Untill Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


October 29, 2008

Halloween Party 2008!

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Hey guys! The Halloween Party 2008 has begun, and it’s just as awesome as last years!

The 3rd Year Anniversary cake Pin is still at the Lounge.

The Free Item is a Pumpkin Basket which can be found at the Snow Forts. This was the item last year too.

There is a scavenger hunt again this year you have to collect all of the candy scattered around Club Penguin, below is a list of where to find them,

Candy 1 – Found at the Dock – Click on the blue flag fort.

Candy 2 – Found in the Lounge – Click on far back lamp shade.

Candy 3 – Found in Lodge Attic – Click on the blue box near the rocking horse.

Candy 4 – Found at the Plaza – Click on the cauldren on the right.

Candy 5 – Found at the Cove – Click on the ‘CAUTION’ sign near surf hut.

Candy 6 – Found at the Iceberg – Click on the stars.

Candy 7 – Found at Beacon – Click on the sky three times when lightening strikes.

Candy 8 – Found at Book Room – hover overbook on top of bookshelf.

When you have collected all of the candy, click ‘claim prize’ and you will be rewarded with a Pumpkin Background.

Also, there is a secret lab at the Book Room, if you click the glowing green candle, the shelf will slide down and reveal a secret passage, but you can only enter if you wear the Mad Scientist outfit, which sucks, because I am not a member any more, but my member clothes have stayed put for some reason, and if I change it I can’t look like a member any more. Phew, I said it! Anyway, if you are a member, you can enter the lab and get the item, (a lantern) LUCKY YOU!

Until Then…Waddle On!

September 3, 2008

Yes…I am BACK!!!

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Hey Guys it’s Tylerhere, I have been planning to make a comeback for About a year now, Anyway I am back now, but I wont be able to post about everything. Anyway, here are all the pins I didn’t Update about…

So, if you go to the Boiler Room, you will see a 150th newspaper golden pin on the right by the stairs.

Did I mention how annoying it is to upload pictures in my posts, It took me half and hour to make this post!!! I really need a manual, and so does WordPress!

Until Then…Waddle On!

April 18, 2008


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Editors Comment: I will be back.

March 14, 2008

St. Patrick’s Day Festival 08

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St. Patrick’s Day 07 Festival begins

St. Patricks Day

Free Item – St. Patrick’s Day Gigantic Hat – Ski Village

Gigantic Hats

This hat is really cool and good to wear!

Book Pin!

This weeks new pin is a book and it can be found in the Boiler Room on the green filers.

Book Pin

The best room has to be the Coffee Shop for me again, as it was last year!

Coffee Shop

The Clothing Catalog has some new stuff inside it from a few days ago, here they are:

Clothing Catalog

There is a Pot O’ Gold and Leprechaun Tuxedo on page 1

Clothing Catalog

There is a Brown Fedora Hat and Daisy Zippered Hoddie on page 2

Clothing Catalog

There are Blue and Red Sunglasses and a Striped Rugby Shirt on page 3

Clothing Catalog

Well, thats about it from me, this is my last ever post and it has been a year of updating!

Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


February 22, 2008

New Igloo Catalogs

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Hey guys, the Igloo Catalog came out today! Here are the new items!

Igloo Catalog

I am guessing that there is an obsession with underwater stuff lately. I wonder what got that into my head! 😕

Igloo Catalog

The new igloo items are pretty cool though!

Igloo Catalog

Page 4 has a new orange inflatable sofa, an orange inflatable chair and a pink plastic castle.

Igloo Catalog

Page 5 has really cool stage posters! They are of the three mascots, Zeus the Moose, Peppy the Parrot and Tate the Pirate Ship!

Igloo Catalog

The Furniture Catalog is out too, with only two new things, the “Whirlpool” flooring, and the “Cherry Hardwood” flooring.

Igloo Upgrades

Here are the new floorings’ for your igloo in the catalog:

Igloo Upgrades

Also, the new Newspaper is out so click here to view the newspaper without logging on to Club Penguin!

Also, check out the random website me and my friend made. It is basically news on a live war of cheeses. Yes, we made it for a laugh, so don’t get too crazy about it! So click the link below to visit it! Join us in the age of randomisation!

Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


February 20, 2008

Aqua Grabber Game!

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Hey guys, the submarine at the iceberg has been made, and it has unexpectedly became a new game!

Aqua Grabber

Now the Iceberg is not so boring! But the game took me a good half and hour and I may never play it again!

Aqua Grabber

The aim is to collect five different parts from Rockhopper’s ship, “The Migrator” and then drop them into the large net at the top. But there is a catch, if you stay underwater too long, water starts to fill you in, so you must find a place with no water or wait for a large bubble to come and refill your energy!

Aqua Grabber

Once you have collected the items, writing comes up saying, “All Ship Parts Collected!” Then a long storyline comes up and shows your penguin taking the items to the Iceberg.

Aqua Grabber

Then, a box appears, congratulating you for winning, and then awards you the Gold Ship Wheel Pin! Collect it, then press “Finish Game”

Aqua Grabber Winner!

The game is so freakin’ frustrating, so I recommend winning, getting the pin, then never playing it again! 😆

Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


February 15, 2008

Sub-Marine Party 2008

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Hey guys, I couldn’t get on Club Penguin so I couldn’t post the party news on Friday, anyway, The Sub-Marine Party has started and there are two free items!


The Yellow Underwater Goggles are at the Forest

Yellow Goggles

Also, the Mermaid Belt is in the Book Room.

Mermaid Belt

The new pin, which is an Anchor is on a rock at the Cove

Anchor Pin

There is a poll set up by “G” at the Iceberg, deciding what the name of the submarine will be called. (I recommend “Deep Sea Salvage”) but you can decide!

Gary’s Poll

The submarine at the Iceberg is begining to take shape! It looks just how Yellow Crown predicted!


The best decorated room I think has to be the Nightclub! It totally rocks! You can walk on the walls!


Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


February 8, 2008

Migrator Remake and Sports Play!

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As you may know, Rockhopper’s ship crashed into a piece of ice a few weeks ago, and now Club Penguin are rebuilding him a new one! It says in the newspaper that Gary the Gadget Guy is helping us build ‘The Migrator’ again. By the looks of things, we might have to do all the work!

Migrator Progress

There are free Jackhammers (Miner Helmets) at the Iceberg so press ‘D’ or dance to use the drill. Remember, take the rest of your items off to use the drill!


There is a new stage play at the Stage called, “Team Blue’s Rally Debut” Inside, there is a Locker Room and a inside Basketball court.

The Stage

Here is a picture of the inside The Stage (Basketball Court and Locker Room)

The Stage

The Switchbox 3000 is pretty cool. The little green buttons open the locker doors, the yellow lever makes the yellow puffle appear and jump around and the three round buttons make the Mascots’ names come down!

Mascot Names

The locker doors open too, they would look better bigger though.

Locker Room

The new Costume Trunk is not as I imagined it but it will do, here are the items in this weeks Catalog!

Costume Trunk

Page 2 has mascot clothes, Zeus the Moose and Peppy the Parrot!

Costume Trunk

Page 3 has another mascot called Tate the Pirate Ship and it has some weird outfit!

Costume Trunk

Page 4 has a Penguin Band hoodie and the Track Jacket! The hoodie is pretty cool!

Costume Trunk

Page 5 has Pom-Poms and a new wig called, “The Sidetied”

Costume Trunk

There are also three new greeting cards! They bought back the ‘Be my Buddy’ card!

New Cards

Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


February 5, 2008

Mohd222’s Site

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Hi guys, I just want to advertise my good friend Mohd222 in this post. I will advertise his site because my blogroll is too long and it is hard for people to find Mohds, (he told me) .

Click below to visit site.


Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


February 2, 2008

Rockhopper Departs and More!

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Sorry I didn’t update yesterday, but its been a bit like Hollyoaks lately, (I don’t really watch it!)

Anyway, Rockhopper has left in his temporary “ship” There are some blueprints for the construction of The Migrator at the Beach.

Migrator Blueprints

The New Penguin Style Catalog is out with some new and *cough* old Items. The latest theme this month is underwater items, (I guessed!)

Clothing Catalog

The penguin diving into paint on the colour page has changed is colour from yellow to orange.

Clothing Catalog

The second page has a secret Item which is the Green Snorkel Goggles which is my oldest Item and is a bit of a push-over if you ask me. (Click on medal for this item)

An Unnecessary Comeback

There are some more underwater items on pages 3-4 which are, Coral Crown, Pearl Necklace, and Mermaid Outfit.

Clothing Catalog

Page Four has the Scuba Tank, Wetsuit and the Green Flippers.

Clothing Catalog

On page 10, click on the Russian Hat for the Red and Blue Viking Helmet!

Viking Helmet Cheat

The New Pin is the Row Boat which Rockhopper docked to CP. (Yes, I am wearing the “Not old anymore” Snorkel that I bought a year ago. The first member Item I ever bought.) 😥

Boat pin

Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


February 1, 2008

Sorry, I do not feel like Updating

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My life hasnt gone right lately, so I am not going to update for a few days. Please do not comment because I dont really want to talk.

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


January 29, 2008

Migrator Wrecked!

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The Migrator is now a pile of rubble, due to the iceberg crashing into it a few days ago. If you check through the telescope, you can see Rockhopper’s Ship! 😦

The Migrator

Wow! It is now offically the 19th time I have met Rockhopper!!! 😮 here are some pictures of me meeting him on, Mammoth, Tundra and Thermal:





And Thermal:


On Mammoth, I had to ask everyone to stop talking! 😆 But not in a cruel way 😀

Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


January 28, 2008

Super Penguin Awards and Advertisement

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My friend Purple Pirate is hosting a ‘Super Penguins Awards of 2007!’ If you want to nominate any particular penguin for any reason, just send him a comment! Click here to go to post!   <– Voting is now closed! 🙂

Also, my good friend Dudemaster95 has been low on hits recently, so I am going to advertise his blog Here. Please visit his site so he can gather more hits! Thanks 😀

Until Then…Waddle On!

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January 25, 2008

New Igloo Music!

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There are three more songs added to the Igloo music selection. Also, the Club Penguin team have made the list one page instead of scrolling down pages for music!

Igloo Music

Until Then…Waddle On!

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January 23, 2008

Rockhopper “Landed!”

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You may recall that Rockhopper has crashed his ship into a chunk of ice, but that does not stop him visiting! He has bought one item which is the Life Jacket, which HE needs more than us! 😆

Rockhopper’s Boat

Also, Club Penguin have finally changed the music in the Lighthouse back! From the “Fall Fair music” (annoying) back to the “Ocean Voyage music!” Click here to hear the music! or you can go to your igloo and hear it if you are a member! 😀


I can now say that I have officially met Rockhopper fifteen times!!! I saw him three more times today, on Mammoth, Frozen and Belly Slide! This is a picture of Rockhopper in the Pizza Parlour on Belly Slide!


Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


January 22, 2008

New Mission!

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Hey guys, the new mission is out! It’s called, ‘Questions for a crab’ It’s a quite hard mission, but I completed it! For help to complete this mission, visit our Secret Agents page!


I have now updated my ‘Mission Guide’ Page and also made a new title out of club penguin font! Also, the ice that hit rockhopper might have been the Polar Bear’s!!! 😮

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


January 18, 2008

Winter Fiesta 2008

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Hola Guys! The Winter Fiesta 08 has begun! (2007 was my first party!!!):o No banner!

There is Cacti and Pinatas all over the place, symbolising shops and rooms!


The New Maracas are in the Night Club (Not as good as the previous pair I have!)


The New Sombrero Pin is at the Forest (Click on Pinata twice and it will fly out!)


There has been a bug that if non-members wore this pin, they would get banned for three days! But the bug has now been fixed, so anyone can wear it now!


The New Igloo Catalog is out, and with new Fiesta Items!

Better Igloos Catalog

The items shown below is the Snowman and the Sled!

Better Igloos Catalog

Next page, there are Superhero Posters, fans and Lamps!

Better Igloos Catalog

And, also, on the third page, some themed items for this fiesta!

Better Igloos Catalog

My favourite decorated room has to be the Coffee Shop, it’s so well decorated!

Coffee Shop

There is a new message on the board in HQ

Message Board

The Mission 6 is not out yet, so this sign must be early

Until Then…Waddle On!

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January 16, 2008

Migrator Disaster!

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Everyone! If you look through the telescope, Rockhopper’s is closing in towards Club Penguin! But, his ship has been hit by that darn iceberg! Click here to view this without logging into CP!

Migrator Hit!

Its Just like my funny pic of the Migrator and the iceberg!!! 😮

Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


January 15, 2008

My 365 day Old Party

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Hey guys, thanks to all of the penguins that came and visited my anniversary party!

Thanks to:





Charliemeth9 (A.K.A. Purple Pirate)


Dj Nk57


KellyM (Beta Tester)

Kyle Maggee2




Brownie mix9

Lots of other penguins came but I can’t remember their names!

The Party

Thanks to everyone who came, you made it totally awesome!

Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


January 14, 2008

New Furniture Style!

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Remember when you had a whole long line of randomly furnature items in your storage? Well, NOT ANY MORE! CP have placed all of the furniture into different genres, such as; Everywhere Items, Wall Items, Floor Items and Puffle Items.


Also, if you enter your igloo, it still says, ‘Loading Igloo’ but now it also says, ‘Arranging Furniture’ when loading is 100%. Here is a picture of the ‘Arranging Furniture’ Loading bar:

Arranging Furnature

If you want to have a selected item in your igloo and you click it, a large storage box will fly down or grow on the floor or on the wall! First here is the floor box:

Storage Box

Also, here is the box that grows from your wall:

Storage Box

Here is my good friend Purple Pirate’s Art Work page link. I would gladly recomend you visit it and see what you think, (They are very good!)

Click here to visit site

P.S. I am having a 365 days old party tomorrow and I hope you guys can come! I will comment on sites I know well, so I hope you can come (anyone is welcome!)

Party Invite


Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


January 11, 2008

Super Stage!

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Hey, guys! As you may know, the new stage play has begun. This time, its SUPER! Literally! Dress up as awesome super heroes, photographer even a demented squid! Here is the outside of the Super Hero Play at the Plaza:


Here is a picture of the inside of the Super Hero Play:

Stage Inside

There is a ‘Switchbox 3000’ (I guess it was made by ‘G’) and you can cause explosions, and make searchlights with the Yellow Puffle flying around! (The Yellow Puffle’s dream has finally come true!)

 Yellow Puffle

The Costume Catalog is the best we have had yet!

 Costume Catalog

Page 1 – Gamma Girl Costume and Shadow Guy Costume

 Costume Catalog

Page 2 – Super hero masks and capes!

 Costume Catalog

Page 3 – Demented Squidzoid Costume and photographer camera

 Costume Catalog

Page 4 – Director’s Hat

 Costume Catalog

Also, there is a mission sneak peek drawing on Club Penguin Blog, looks cool! Again, it’s called ‘3000!’

 Sneak Peek

There is a note on the mission notice board, saying, ‘Crab Translator Ready Soon!’


Here is a link to the Club Penguin Newspaper, if you havent seen the news, click below!


Also the heart emote has returned, Billybob thought that bringing the emote back would decribe if updates were good or not!

 Heart Emote

Also, please can you tell more people about this site, my stats are lowering and I don’t think my site will last if they don’t rise. Please add it to your blogroll, or tell your friends!

Until Then…Waddle On!

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January 6, 2008

New Stage Sneak Peek

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Hey, here is a new Sneak Peek of the upcoming stage props!

Sneak Peek

Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


January 4, 2008

Catalogs and 50th Pin!

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Hey guys, here are the cheats and items in the Penguin Style catalog:

Penguin Style

Click on The Cactus on the ‘Fiesta’ Page for the Red Viking Helmet

Red Viking Helmet

Click on the Blue Backpack for the Coffee Apron

Coffee Apron

There are Shovel Clothes for winter on the first page

Shovel Clothes

Club Penguin Brought Back the Black Hoddie (I already had) And the new Green Hoodie!


They also brought back Fiesta Items and a new Poncho!

Fiesta Wear

The New Wig Catalog is ok, but only two have been added!

Wig Catalog

There is a Flutterby Wig…

Flutterby WIg

And a Sunstriker Wig!

Sunstriker Wig

Also, there are new Backgrounds… some you may already have

New Backgrounds

The New Pin is a Shovel and it is in the Boiler Room

Shovel Pin

Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


December 28, 2007

Happy New Year!

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Hi guys, there are fireworks at the Iceberg, and also, if you look through the telescope for a few seconds, a lump of ice floats past, it may be to do with the New Year surprise!


I hope you guys out there have had the best Christmas ever! I did!

Happy New Year!

Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

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Hi guys, its Christmas tomorrow! So me and Zenzia wish you a merry christmas and we hope you all get the presents you wished for!

Merry Christmas from me:

Merry Christmas!

And from Zenzia:

Merry Christmas!

The Christmas Scarves are at the Ski Village and again, Merry Christmas!

Christmas Scarves

Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


December 21, 2007

It’s Christmas!!!

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Hey guys, today we got let out school early, so I am posting now!

The Classic Christmas Party 07 has begun!

Christmas Party 07

The New Pin which is a Wreath is in The Ski Lodge Attic

Wreath Pin

The free pair of Reindeer Antlers are at the Dock

Reindeer Antlers

And the free Santa Hat is at the Snow Forts

Santa Hats

The rooms are really cool, my favourite rooms are the Beach and the Ski Lodge

Ski Lodge 

The worst room has to be the Iceberg. I mean look at it! 😆


Santa has parked his sleigh in The Cove!

Santa’s Sleigh

He has also set up a Grotto in The Cove, which you can click on the animated Camera to take pictures!

Santa’s Grotto

Make sure you check Club Penguin for more updates, such as the New Year suprise!

Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


December 14, 2007

Coins For Change and More!

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Hey guys, ‘Coins For Change’ donation is out, so earn coins and donate as much as you like!

Coins For Change

You will find the ‘Coins For Change’ donating pots in the Plaza and Beach. You can also get a free handheld bell!

Coins For Change

Also, there is a new Stage Theme. It is called: ‘The Twelfth Fish’

The Stage

The inside is full of props, such as, clouds, The Moon and The Sun. If you click these, they will rock aside, then change their picture!

Stage Theme

There is also a new script and Catalog following the theme

Costume Catalog

Also, Igloo and Furniture Catalogs are here, with great Christmas Items!

Furniture Catalog

Here are the secrets in this Catalog:

The Moose Head – Click on the Receipt of the Counter

Moose Cheat

Mullet – Click on the trunk of the Ficus Plant

Mullet Secret

Pipe Organ – Click on the Upright Piano

Pipe Organ Secret

Concert Lights – Click on top of the Home Sterio

Concert Lights Secret

Candelabra – Click on the Fire Pit

Candelabra Secret

The Igloo Catalog has the Snow Globe as the newest igloo. (It has been a secret igloo for a long time now)

Igloo Catalog

Phew! That was a lot to update about. My fingers hurt now! 😈

P.S. Visit my forum. It is called ‘The Unknown World Forums’ Most of it is about my story I am writing. And if you like to write, or read books, then join it now!

Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


December 7, 2007

Christmas Items And Pin

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Hey guys! Sorry, I just noiticed that my post I saved didn’t show on my site 😳 So I had to save it again!

Look what Walt Disney Company did to the Club Penguin Logo! 😥

Club Penguin

The New Christmas Catalog is out, and its pretty cool!

Christmas Catalog 07

There are elven outfits and many more!

Elven Clothing

There are also victorian outfits

Christmas Clothing

I think this Victorian Clothing may be a part of the next stage theme

Christmas Clothing

The new Holly Pin is at the coffee shop in the plant

Holly Pin

Also, there are new emotes, all are pretty cool, exept for the confused one, thats weird!

New Emotes

Until Then…Waddle On

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia


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