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This page shows all the Rooms in Club Penguin. I will update it when new rooms are added.


Town – The Town is usually the first place you will arrive every time you go on a new server. It is the oldest room in Club Penguin, and consists of three Rooting rooms, the Coffee Shop, the Night Club, and the Gift Shop. This room is usually well decorated on special occasions. It also has two rooms rooting off on the left and right, where there is a blue arrow pointing that way. The path to the Left leads to the Dock, and the path to the Right leads to the Snow Forts.

Coffee Shop – The Coffee Shop is one of the oldest rooms in Club Penguin, going way back to Penguin Chat 3. Here you can sit and “drink coffee” whilst catching up with old friends. If you click the ‘Coffee & Croissant’ sign behind the counter, it will change to ‘Tea & Scones’ This is the Club Penguin moderators’ favourite room, as they have been sighted most here. The Coffee Shop has a game called ‘Bean Counters’ where you catch the bags of coffee beans and put them on a pile by the Coffee Shop. This game can be accessed by walking onto the Coffee Bag by the counter labelled ‘Java’. The Coffee Shop has an upstairs room called the ‘Book Room’ where you can sit down and play mancala. A few years ago, Club Penguin decided to add real books to the book shelves so Penguins could read too! Many people have noticed that the stairs to the Book Room must be spiral.

Night Club – The Night Club is also an old room that dates back to Penguin Chat 3, here penguins can dance by pressing the dance button on the colour changing floor. This room is also more-commonly known as the ‘Dance Club’. At the back of the room is a DJ table with large speakers scattered everywhere. Club Penguin decided this room needed a game, so they made DJ3000 or DJ3K which replaced the old DJ table. But then they decided for another game, called Dance Contest, where you follow the arrows to dance like a professional. The new updates have changed the room greatly, causing the wall at the back to be made bigger to make a Stage and to take away the old Spot Light that used the shine on the dance floor. A green puffle has always been sitting on the speaker by the stairway to the Dance Lounge, he has been identified as the ‘Keeper of the Boiler Room’. There is a speaker on the right that is a secret door to the Step-ladder that leads to the ‘Boiler Room’.

Dance Lounge – The ‘Dance Lounge’ is the upstairs room of the Night Club where penguins have a rest after their hard dancing. There are three desks and six chairs where you can sit and drink soda. Two vintage games called ‘Astro Barrier’ and ‘Thin Ice’  can be seen at the back of the room also two moniters hang above them. There is also a large blue curtain that mysteriously hangs from the top of the wall to the floor. This was revealed many years later as the ‘Night Club Roof’.

Gift Shop – The Gift Shop is a place where members can buy clothes with game earned coins. This room is also an old room. There is a desk where penguins can pretend to be the shop owner and sell items to other penguins. To the left of the room, there are three changing rooms where if you walk up to them, the catalog opens. A new addition to this room is the Wigs and the hairdresser’s chair at the back. Many people visit this room when a new Catalog is released.

The Plaza – The Plaza was opened with two shops, the ‘Pet Shop’ and the ‘Pizza Parlor’ in 2006, It is also a place where penguins first arrive in on a server. The shops opened a few days later, but did not sell any items. There were free items at the Pizza Parlor, (Pizza Apron and Chef Hat) but that was all.  Club Penguin decided to make some new creatures in 2005. Blue creatures were seen around Club Penguin, but no one knew what they where, until the Developer Blog ran a poll of what to call the fury animals. The public decided that ‘Puffles’ was the best suited name for them and began to sell them in the Pet Shop. The Pet Shop was given a game called ‘Puffle Round-up’ where you have to move your cursor and guide the Puffles into the Pen. You can now buy merchandise for your pets. Club Penguin added a new room to the Plaza called ‘The Stage’ where penguins can dress up and act in front of a live audience. Before the Stage, there was a couple of tables and chairs between the shops and a scenery of a Forest behind them. Like the Town, there are three Shops, and two rooting rooms, the Left path leads to the Snow Forts, and the Right path leads to the Forest. On the right, outside the Pizza Parlor, there used to be a Tour Guide stall that was in the way of the path to the future-arriving Forest, so Club Penguin had to move it to the Ski Village.

Pizza Parlor – The Pizza Parlor is a posh restaurant that sells only pizzas. Inside, there is a black Grand Piano on a stage, a spotlight, three tables with six chairs, an oven, counter, a few menus and a doorway to the Kitchen. Club Penguin had decided this room also needed a game, so they made the mysterious kitchen doorway a link to the new game, Pizzatron3000. This game was made by Gary the Gadget Guy, and you have to make as many Pizzas as you can, to serve hungry customers. This game gets you over a thousand coins if you get to the end, but it is a very long game.

The Stage – The Stage was made in 2008 and has been showing mini-plays every so often. Some most known plays are, Planet Y, Ruby and the Ruby and Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal. The room is the design of an old fashioned theatre, and features a ‘Switchbox 3000’ which allows players to control various props on the set to move or light up etc. There is a costume catalog that sells items relating to the play, and also a script for penguins to use and entertain others.

The Forest – This room was created before the Cove (A second Beach). It is a very boring room, surrounded by Trees and roots off of the Plaza. There is a wooden bridge that leads to the Cove at the bottom right. During the Cove Opening Party in 2007, there was a box of free Red Whistles available in this room for everyone.

The Cove – This room was made after the Forest and has a camp fire, a small pool, a Life Guard stand and a Surf Hut, which contains the game, ‘Catchin’ Waves’ (A surfboarding game). You can see the large mound behind the Surf Hut from Mission 2 – G’s Secret Mission. This room is based on the mysterious surroundings from that Mission. During the Cove Opening Party, members could access this room and get the free Lighthouse Ring. Players can also click the binoculars on the life guard stand to view Club Penguin’s waters, and various boats and animals will be seen passing by.

This Page is under Construction. I will add pictures and more information on all of the rooms in Club Penguin.



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