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January 11, 2008

Super Stage!

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Hey, guys! As you may know, the new stage play has begun. This time, its SUPER! Literally! Dress up as awesome super heroes, photographer even a demented squid! Here is the outside of the Super Hero Play at the Plaza:


Here is a picture of the inside of the Super Hero Play:

Stage Inside

There is a ‘Switchbox 3000’ (I guess it was made by ‘G’) and you can cause explosions, and make searchlights with the Yellow Puffle flying around! (The Yellow Puffle’s dream has finally come true!)

 Yellow Puffle

The Costume Catalog is the best we have had yet!

 Costume Catalog

Page 1 – Gamma Girl Costume and Shadow Guy Costume

 Costume Catalog

Page 2 – Super hero masks and capes!

 Costume Catalog

Page 3 – Demented Squidzoid Costume and photographer camera

 Costume Catalog

Page 4 – Director’s Hat

 Costume Catalog

Also, there is a mission sneak peek drawing on Club Penguin Blog, looks cool! Again, it’s called ‘3000!’

 Sneak Peek

There is a note on the mission notice board, saying, ‘Crab Translator Ready Soon!’


Here is a link to the Club Penguin Newspaper, if you havent seen the news, click below!


Also the heart emote has returned, Billybob thought that bringing the emote back would decribe if updates were good or not!

 Heart Emote

Also, please can you tell more people about this site, my stats are lowering and I don’t think my site will last if they don’t rise. Please add it to your blogroll, or tell your friends!

Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia



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