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September 11, 2009

New Items Available at Stands!

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Hey Guys! The new pin is at the Pizza Parlor and it is 101 Days of fun because it’s nearly over! Thank god. :mrgreen:

Pin 101

There is a new item on the stand, it is called the Stripey hat, and it kind of a mixture of the Mad Hatter’s hat and the Cat in the Hat’s hat!

Stripey Hat

Also, there are two new items at the member stand at the great puffle circus! There is a moustache and a candy floss/ popcorn/ fish making machine as a furniture item!

Moustache & Candy Floss Machine

And The Penguin that Time Forgot is showing at the Stage, so check ut out if you want to!


Plus, have you noticed the Black Puffles around Club Penguin? They are related with ninjas, and thats all I know about it. Because if you walk up to one wearing anything related to ninjas, the Black Puffle will set on fire! The first one I found was at the Forest:

Ninja Puffle

Another at the Ski Village on Rockhopper’s Hat:

Ninja Puffle

One at the Ninja Courtyard:

Ninja Puffle

And lastly at the Ninja Hideout:

Ninja Puffle

Until Then…Waddle On!




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