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November 27, 2009

Ice Rink Returns and Snow Party

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Hey everyone! The Ice Rink has finally returned! I’m so happy right now!

The Ice Rink is an awesome room! It makes the Soccer Pitch look rubbish (which it is!) Everybody’s partying at the Ice Rink now!

Also, if you go to the Snow Forts, the Ice Rink is there again!!

The Free Item is a Blue Pompom Toque and is located at the Mountain!

There is a new Sports Catalog at the Sport Shop, CP brought back the old Red and Blue Hockey Jersey (GO BLUES!), the Hockey Stick (one of the first items avaliable on CP, old funiture items and backgrunds. They have also made new items such as the Green Hockey Jersey and Ice Skating Gear! There are some secrets which I will list below!

Green Hockey Jersey – Click the Green Penguin behind the two playing hockey

Green Goalie Gear – Click the Lime Green Penguin behind the two goalie penguins

White Pom-Poms – Click the word ‘ICE’

The Partys really at the Ski Village, where there is a cool new Maze!

When you enter the Maze, it will look like this

Below is a map of how to complete the Maze (Note: This is a spoiler, if you want to do it yourself, do not look at picture below!)

When you complete the maze, you will enter the entrance to the Yeti’s Cave.

When you enter the cave, it is really awesome! There is a Snowcat (the big snowdigger on the right) And a Television and Couch on the left! The Prize is a Yeti Outfit!

Also, there are two new Racing Sleds avaliable in the Game Up-Grades for Sled Racing! They are the ones that I spoke about on the 19th. There are two colours avaliable, pink and green!

Until Then…Waddle On!



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