Club Penguin Cheats

Secret Agents and Missions

Mission Guide


1. Talk to Aunt Arctic

2. Go to the Ice Rink, look all the way right for pictures of the puffles.

3. Go back to Aunt Arctic’s Igloo. Give her the photos.

4. Go to the pet shop. Look all the way left and click the paper on the kennel.

5. Use the code at the bottom right hand corner to find out how many socks G has.

5. Go to the sport shop and tell G how many socks he has, (It changes every time).

6. Take the life preserver launcher and go to the iceberg. Use the launcher to get the penguins back to safety.

7. Go to the ski mountain. Talk to the brown crying penguin that crys in most of the missions because no-one likes him. Get out your spy phone, click on the red light. Take out your wrench and click the telescope to fix it. Look through it at the Tallest Mountain and note the propelling green Puffle flying around the top.

9. Go back to the Sports Shop and collect the Grappling hook. Go to the Tallest Mountain and point the hook to the top of it.

 10. Talk to the Puffles and you will be taken to Aunt Arctic’s Igloo.

11. Whatever you do, remember to take the medal and letter!!!

Letter  Medal


1. Talk to Gary, and answer the secret riddle, to ‘mogul’ and he shows you a New Sled, pick it up and go to the mountain.

2. Click the Sled to ‘Test Run’ And you have to crash the sled.

3. Pick up the rope, and the Survival Guide. Now go towards the Bush with berries on, and collect three berries. Go to the right, and shake the tree three times and a pot will come out.

4. Go forward to the tree stump, and scare the other puffles away, except the black one, give him an ‘O’ Berry, and he will follow you around, now go to the left, and you will find a bush with a ski in it, pick it up. Now connect the rope, an ‘O’ berry and the ski together and make a Fishing Rod.

5. Go to the right, and go to the stump, Go right again at the stump, and you are at the cave. Go left to the river. Pick up the log, and go to the river. Click the homemade rod to the river, and you will catch a fish, then using the pot, collect water, then head back to the cave. Go inside it and push the rocks to the middle.

6. Put the wood in the center, and click the Survival Guide to the log. It will rip up. Next, give the puffle a Berry, and he will set alight. Then put the fish, and jug of water on the fire, and you fall asleep.

7. You wake up at the sound of a jet pack, and you get taken back home.

8. Collect The Medal and Letter!

Letter  Medal


1. Talk to the stupid Green Penguin in front of the safe.

2. He will say he can close the safe door easily, and he will close it.

3. Ask him if he can open it again, and he will say he forgot the combination.

4. He says to go to the Gift Shop Office and find the code.

5. When in the office, go to the right and click under the orange sofa with the jester hat on it.

6. Under the sofa, pick up the floppy disk and the paperclip and add them to your inventory.

7. Go to the computer in the room and insert the floppy disk. Some programmes will appear on the screen. Click the folder named, ‘Combination_Number’ Click on it and write or remember the code. (REMEMBER, THE CODE IS DIFFERENT EVERY TIME YOU LOG ON!)

8. Go back to the safe and click on the safe. Type in the code and press enter. The safe will open and the green penguin will thank you.

9. Go into the safe and the penguin will say he is worthless to not see the coins rise. (True!)

10. G will call you on spy-phone and ask you to meet him in the HQ. Go to HQ.

11. G will show you some footage of the coins rising in the vault, he tells you to check out the roofs, and opens a drawer and gives you a choice of keys for the roof door. Pick the golden key up, which says in code, “Roof Top”

12. Move right in the HQ, and pick up the purple flashlight for later use.

13. Go to the Gift shop office and look around for the Roof Door. (Use the golden key to open it!)

14. Go to the roof, and you will see a large magnet.Look for a piece of mysterious white fur on the drain next to it!

15. Click on the ‘Powa Box’ and unscrew the bolts with the spanner from the spy-phone. Click the box and place the paperclip inside! The power box will explode, causing the ‘Powa Box’ to now read, ‘ow’

16. Go to the Town and the dancing penguin will be crying, (AGAIN!) he wants the power back in the Nightclub so he can dance, you will say that you will come back for it! 

17. Go to the Boiler room and note that is very dark! If you are a member, you will have the Spy-goggles in your inventory, or if you are non-member, you can use the purple flashlight from the HQ. Either way will do.

18. Search around for the ‘Fuse Box’ and solve the puzzle. You must have all of the green lights on to make the power come back on!

19. Go to the vault and click on the coins. The daft green penguin will pop out and congratulate you.

20. Go to the HQ and show G the white fur. He says that they are interesting and that he would come back to you.

21. Don’t forget to collect the Medal and Card at the end!

Medal  Card


1. Talk to Gary

2. He says that you need to save four penguins stranded on a cliff. He recommends the preserver Shooter. He will let you into the Gadget Room.

3. When in the Gadget room, move left and on the shelf amongst many other things, is the preserver Shooter. Add it into your inventory and go to the Ski Village and you can see a brown penguin crying.

4. Ask him what is wrong and he will say that the belt for the Ski Lift is broken and asks for you to fix it. If you search the floor, you will find another white tuft of fur.

5. Go to the Gift Shop and find a green penguin dummy and remove his belt. Go to the Ski Village and replace the belt on to make the lift move again.

6. The penguin will thank you and ride up to the mountain! He will ride the lift for on, and on, and on. No wonder the previous belt broke!!! 😈

7. Go to the Beacon and remove the telescope with your spanner from your Spy-phone. Add the telescope to your inventory and go to the Gift Shop.

8. Scroll around to find the door to ‘Gary’s Room’. (It seems that the safe and the Gift Shop office have mysteriously disappeared! 😕

9. Go to Gary’s room and move around to find a window and a telescope stand. Attach the telescope to the stand and look out to the sled route.

10. Go to the lighthouse and move around for some rope dangling from the red rowboat.

11. Now go to the Ski Lodge, and collect the fishing rod next to the ‘Ice Fishing Game’

12. Write or remember the route and then go to the mountain, then Ridge Run.

13. When at the bottom, attach the fishing rod to the preserver shooter, and the rope to the fishing rod and preserver shooter!

14. Click the preserver device to the edge of the cliff and collect the blue penguins one by one.

15. Move the device right, and click to break branch. Then, save the nearest penguin in the middle. Now, with your first penguin still holding on, collect the second nearest penguin! Drop the bottom penguin on the middle branch and drop the second past that branch to collect the third. Take all three penguins to the left side and drop them all one by one! Now the three penguins will push the rock downwards. Collect all three penguins on the preserver and drop them down to collect the fourth.

16. You will find yourself at the Mountain. Talk to Gary and show him the white tufts of fur. He will say good-bye and mission complete!

17. Don’t forget the Medal, Award and Letter after the mission!!!

Medal  Award


1. Talk to Gary

2. He will ask if you can find out what the pink fur belongs to.

3. Open your spy-phone, and click on the comb.

4. Click the comb to the fur, and it will flatten it.
5. The fur will Analyze the fur, and says it belongs to a pink puffle, now click back and Gary will congratulate you, now analyze the white fur, which he will give you, by clicking it to the suitcase.

6. It will come up with an error, and then shows you the three substances found on the fur, Hot Chocolate, Hot Sauce, and Jet Pack Fuel, Go back and talk to Gary.

7. He asks you if you can find the items found in the fur, in change of some goggles, then go to the Coffee Shop.

8. At the Coffee Shop, talk to a brown penguin, and he explains how it got messy.

9. He shows you a brief drawing of the creature that came in and made the mess.

10. Talk to him again, and ask for hot chocolate, and he says he can’t because it is broken. This is how you fix it:

11. Go to the Plaza, the to the Pizza Parlor, ask the penguin tidying up the mess, and ask for the Hot Sauce, and Chocolate Sauce, and also pick up the pizza on the desk to deliver to Penguin fishing outside the lodge.

12. Then go back to the Coffee Shop, and click on the Hot Chocolate Dispense, drag the mug under the “Hot Chocolate Button, and connect the milk into place using the Spanner, and change the cold to hot at the right hand side of the machine, now pour in the Chocolate Sauce in at the top. Now push the button and put drink in inventory.

13. Go to the Gadget Room, and collect the AC 1000 from the shelf and teleport to the beacon.

14. Scroll to the side, where the Jet Pack Game is, and use the Fan to blow the Jet Pack Fuel to the land, then use the scissors from the Spy Phone to cut the balloon and Put the fuel in the Inventory.

15. Go to The Gadget Room and talk to Gary and pour the Hot Chocolate, Hot Sauce, and Jet Pack Fuel in the funnel. Then pick up the Goggles and click on them, to put them on.

16. Go to the Ski Lodge, and you will find the Fishing Penguin in the sofa, talk to him, and he says he saw a scary monster.

17. Go to the Lighthouse, and pick up the net next to the door, then scroll left, and pick up the rope in the boat. Put them together, and you have made a trap! Go back to the Lodge, and pick up the candle. Go out side, and you see a shadow, followed by weird music, then set up the trap on he tree.

18. Put the candle on the trap, and a crab will get into the trap, pick up the crab which look really funny, then the shadow will run away, leaving a single tuft of fur on the ground.

19.  Go to the Gadget Room, and show Gary the Crab, then put the fur in the analyzer, and it says it comes from a Polar Bear!

20. Now collect the Medal and the Gift, which is a Pizza!

Medal  Gift


1. Talk to Gary and he will show you ‘The Crab Translator 3000’

2. The crab will hit hard on the cage, causing the machine to blow up.

3. Follow the crab and you will end up at the top of the mountain.

4. Wait for the dizzy scene to finish, then you will find yourself at the forest place in ‘G’s Secret Mission’

5. Turn right, and go towards the bush. Now go forward to the tree stump. Turn left to the long log and you will see a big pack of Puffle ‘O’s’ on a rope. Click the red flashing light on your Spy-phone and click on the scissors.

6. Click the scissors to the rope and pick the bag up when dropped. Go right to the tree stump and feed the poor, hungry puffle a ‘O’ berry.

7. Turn right to the cave, and you will see the crab walk through the narrow flap. Click a ‘O’ berry on the flap and the puffle will go inside and open the door. Go inside.

8. Inside, a trap will fall and your Spy-phone will fall out. The evil polar bear will appear and steal your phone. Talk to him, and he will tell you his life story, (It’s so long!!) The crabs name is, Klutzy, and the bears name is, Herbert P. Bear Esquire. Lol! 😆

9. Klutzy and Herbert will walk out of the room, and the puffle will emerge from the rock.

10. Turn right, and you will find a cage water releasing system. Click an ‘O’ berry to the left of the tray on the right and the puffle will turn it to an angle. Now click a ‘O’ berry on the red lever on the right. The water will turn on. Finally, click another berry on the tray hanging on rope. The cage door will open releasing you.

10. Walk right, and you will find a table full of ‘G’s’ inventions. Pick up, the Blueprint on the wall, the hot sauce, the rope dangling on a wooden plank on the right, and the Pickax.

11. Walk left to the door and open it. Snow will block your exit, so attach the hot sauce and the ‘O’ berry bag to form a flaming berry! Feed this to the puffle, and he will whizz across the screen and then melt through the snow! Go outside.

12. When outside, walk right, towards the tree stump. Then, from there, turn left to the long log. Now, turn left to the mountain.

13. Click the right side of the mountain and attach the rope with the Pickax. Click the mountain with the rope and pickax and you will find yourself at the top of the Mountain.

14. Make your way to the ski Lodge, and go to Ice Fishing. The Polar Bear will be fixing his invention talking to himself. At one point, he will say he wants a Hot and Spicy Seaweed Pizza.

15. Go to the Si Village, then to the Dock. From there, go to the Town, then to the Snow Forts and then finally, to the Plaza.

16. Go inside the Pizza Parlour and ask for a ‘Seaweed Pizza’ Add it to your inventory and go to the Ski Village the same way you came. Go to Ice Fishing and put the pizza on the floor by clicking the bear.

17. He will eat it and give his complements, while you click the lever to go right instead of left! He will then say he has fixed it and click the on button. The machine will drive into his and send them across the breaking ice river! They will fall in and be stranded on the other side!

18. G will congratulate you and ask you for the Blueprints and that he will get back to you as soon as possible! You will see a flaming puffle fly across the sky like a shooting star! 😀

19. Don’t forget to collect your Medal and Gift!!!

Medal  Gift


1. Talk to G. He will show you a surveillance tape of the snow forts. And who is on the footage? None other than Herbert Bear and Klutzy. (Well, who else would it be?)

2. Move right and you will see the gadget room door, on the left of the door are three lockers, one of which has the electromagnet from mission 3. Click on it and enter the code, ‘KEY’ in the lock. Use the code translator on the bottom right of your screen. Pick up the electromagnet and go to the Gadget Room.

3. Go right when in the gadget room until you see three shelves, on the top shelf is a life preserver, add it to your inventory.

4. Go to the Dock. There are two blue penguins playing snowball practice, and they have the clock tower’s target. Talk to them and ask if you can have the target. Play the target game and hit it three times. They will give you the target, in return you give them the life preserver to act as a target.

5. Go to the Town and you will see the stupid green penguin ‘Rookie’ from Mission 3, outside the Night Club. Ask him for a poster of the missing gear and he will give you one.

6. Go to the Pizza Parlour and pick up the music sheet found by the Piano. Then go to the Beach and ask the yellow guy how he made his chair. Pick up the green pot by him and go to the Snow Forts.

7. Get out the green pot and click the snow at the Snow Forts. The pot will fill up with snow. Put it in your inventory.

8. Go to the Stage and click the piano. Put the music sheet on the stand and play the tune on it.

9. The yellow puffle will become friends with you and jump out of the curtains. Give him the missing gear sheet and the green pot of snow from the Snow Forts. The snow will magically fly out and he will make the gear. Add it to your inventory.

10. Go to the Iceberg and turn left until you can see a spring covered in ice. Use the electromagnet to draw the spring in.

11. Go to the Gadget Room and go to the Test Chamber Machine. Put the Snow gear in and set it to: Ice Mode, and put the screw in and set it to: Heat Mode. Whatever you do, don’t set the machine to Heat Mode, with the gear, or you will have to make it over again!

12. Go to the Snow Forts again and click under the clock tower. Put the target on the left, the gear in the middle and the spring on the top left.

13. Pick up your cell phone and read what Herbert has to say, then Gary will magically appear and say thank you.

14. Don’t forget your medal and the gift!!



1. Pick up the Fedora Hat to the left of Gary’s head.

2. Pick up the Malet next to the spanner on the wall.

3. Talk to Gary. He will talk to you about the mysterious earthquakes on the Island.

4. Open the map and go to the Dock. There Herbert will emerge from the ground with Clutzy.

5. Talk to Herbert. He will drop a piece of paper and will go back into the ground. Note Clutzy left his lantern behind.

6. Pick up the lantern, or if you are a member and have the Spy Goggles, you can use them instead, so leave the lantern.

7. Follow the two pieces of paper Klutzy snapped in half to the Town.

8. One Half will get stuck to the ‘N’ of the Nightclub sign. Go into the Coffee shop and help the Coffee Shop owner clean up my cleaning the cookies up from the floor. He will give you one as a thank you.

9. Give the Sad Green Puffle the Fedora Hat you found in the Gadget Room and Give him the Cookie. He will knock the piece of paper to the ground. Pick it up and add it to your inventory.

10. Follow the other half of paper to the Snow Forts, where it will get stuck to one of the fort’s flag. Click it, and it will fly away into the Town. Follow it again.

11. The Paper will get stuck in a green penguin’s newspaper. Talk to him, and he will say he wants a double meat pizza with extra grey fish. Go to the Pizza Parlor and order the pizza. Go back to the Plaza and give him the pizza. He will give you the newspaper and thank you,

12. Add the newspaper to your inventory and take the other half of paper and add it to the other half. Now you have instructions for Herbert’s Tunnel.

13. You will need some equipment before you go down there.

14. Go to the Sports Shop and pick up the tent Pegs on the desk.

15. Go to the Beach and pick up a net from the pile outside the Lighthouse.

16. Go inside the Lighthouse and ask the orange Penguin for some balloons.

17. Go to the Gadget Room and ask G to borrow the Helium Tank. He will say yes. Pick it up and add it into your inventory.

18. Go to the Town and take a balloon out from the box and use the Super Helium to blow it up. THe Gift shop will lift and while it is in the air, quickly put the net underneath it, add tent pegs to it, the finally use the mallet to hammer them down.

19. Go to the Dock and go through the hole Herbert and Klutzy emerged from. Read the instructions in order to get to the right place. If you find it easier, type the instructions in the web address bar so you don’t have to keep opening and closing the note.

20. The tunnel will lead directly under the Gift Shop. Use the wrench from your Spy Phone on the  pipe and walk through the tunnel in front of the pipe.

21. You will enter a room with the drill Herbert was using. Use the Wrench tool from the Spy Phone to the gear from mission 7 in the back of the drill and add it to your inventory.

22. Go into the Boiler Room and talk to Herbert. He will brake the boiler in frustration and run away.

23. Your spyphone will ring, answer it and G will tell you to fix the boiler. In order to fix it, you need to connect the top left hand pipe to the bottom right hand pipe.

24. After you fix it, G will ring and tell you to meet him in HQ.

25 Go to the Agent HQ and talk to G by the Club Penguin Map.

29. Take the Clock gear from your inventory and give it to G.

30. Don’t forget to collect your medal and gift!!



1. Talk to G.

2. Add the three tracking devices, the deflated rubber duck on the floor and the kite blueprint (on the wall) to your inventory.

3. Go to the Plaza and talk to the two penguins with their puffles. The blue Puffle will blow a bubble that will pop over the penguins. Clear the gum away and ask if you can keep the gum. Put the gum with the rubber duck to seal the hole.

4. Go to the Dock and talk to the penguin trying to fix the boat. Pull the lever for him and he will thank you by lending you the pump. Pump the Rubber Duck and attach a tracking device to it.

5. Go to the Iceberg and click the Duck tracking device to the water. It will float away and appear on the map.

6. Go to the Mine Shack and talk to Rory (the orange penguin at the top of the shack.) Ask him if he needs any help. He will ask you to fix the gutters. Just move the planks of wood to make the gutter face downwards and you are done!

7. He will ask you to weld the cart. All you have to do is just weld the three cuts in the cart, and he will thank you.

8. Put a tracking device in the cart and send it down the mine. It will also appear on the map.

9. Go to the Forest and pick up the two sticks on the floor. This will act as a base for the kite.

10. Go to the Ski Lodge and talk to the two penguins playing Find Four with one piece. They will ask you to search the lodge for their missing pieces. (They are hidden upstairs aswell as downstairs.) Whilst you are in the Lodge Attic, add the string from under the mat to your inventory.

11. Put all the pieces in one pile and give the penguins the missing pieces.

12. In your inventory, add the kite blueprints to the two sticks, the blueprints and sticks to the string and the fully-made kite to the tracking device.

13. Go to the Mountain and look way up into the sky. Attach the kite tracking device to the signpost.

14. G will call you. He says he wants to talk to you at the HQ. Go there.

15. Talk to G who is writing a very complicated sum on the map of Club Penguin. Add the Binoculars 3000 to your inventory.

16. Go to the Lodge and click the binoculars to the Ice Lake to watch Herbert and Klutzy. After you have finished spying on them, G will call. Head over the Ice Lake and Take your old spy phone and add it to the Binoculars 3000 to make a camera.

17. Place the binoculars in a tree (try every tree until you get the right one.)

18. Go to HQ and watch the TV.

19. Herbert will see the binoculars and turn it off.

20. G will congratulate you and say the mission was successful

21. Don’t forget to collect your Medal and Gift!!



1. Talk to G, he is with Jet Pack guy, and the Stupid Green penguin from Mission 3(or Rookie: But I call him stupid Green Penguin because he is an idiot!).

2. Take the Solar Panel from the box  of crap next to G.

3. Go to the Beach and talk to the Jet Pack Guy he has run out of jet pack fuel, so you have to make some. Cream Soda can be used as a good power source. You can find a barrel near the stairs in the Lighthouse.

4. Go back to the Beach and talk to Jet Pack Guy and then give the barrel to him. Three containers will come on screen. You have to get 4 in the large container, 4 in the medium container and 0 in the small container. Here’s a guide on how to do it:

L = Large container

M = Medium Container

S = Small Container

L – M

M – S

S – L

M – S

L – M

M – S

S – L

Now you have done that, Jet Pack Guy will fly off and thank you.

5. Go to the Gift Shop and help the lime green Penguin by taking the stuff up for sale and putting it outside. (Put the table down first then add the other stuff after).

6. Go back into the Gift Shop and talk to the stupid Green Penguin, click the Solar Panel with the Electro-magnet for power and then you have to connect the red, blue and yellow bases up without touching each of the connection paths.

7. Go to the Dock and ask the Dock  Maintenance Guy for some rope.

8. Go to the Night Club and attach the rope to the cage and switch.

9. Pull the switch and the cage will not work.

10. Open the metal cover of the switch with your wrench from your Spy Phone and click inside.

11. Notice all the gears have fallen off, so you have to add them all in the correct places. Now the Cage will lift! (The order changes every time!)

12. Go to HQ and tell everything is in place. And you will get a call from Jet Pack Guy.

13. Go to Dock to see Klutzy with the cardboard cut out of Herbert. This is a diversion to stop us from finding Herbert at the Night Club. Rookie will call and say Herbert is at the Night Club.

14. Go to the Night Club. Cut the string on the floor and trap Herbert. He will take the cage off though. The Electro-magnet will come through the wall and attach to the golden puffle. (weird because gold is not magnetic :?)

15. To make the cage trap Herbert against the electro-magnet, either take Jet Pack Guy’s jetpack to the cage, or shine all the lights on the electromagnet to trap Herbert. G will appear and show us Herbert’s NEW life story. Stupid Green Penguin will “accidently” give Herbert his Spy Phone (if you ask me, I think he’s in on it!) Herbert will teleport, and leave a bag of seeds behind, linking to our next mission…

16. Dont forget to collect your Medal and Gift!!




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