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October 29, 2008

Halloween Party 2008!

Filed under: News — Tylerhere07 @ 2:17 pm

Hey guys! The Halloween Party 2008 has begun, and it’s just as awesome as last years!

The 3rd Year Anniversary cake Pin is still at the Lounge.

The Free Item is a Pumpkin Basket which can be found at the Snow Forts. This was the item last year too.

There is a scavenger hunt again this year you have to collect all of the candy scattered around Club Penguin, below is a list of where to find them,

Candy 1 – Found at the Dock – Click on the blue flag fort.

Candy 2 – Found in the Lounge – Click on far back lamp shade.

Candy 3 – Found in Lodge Attic – Click on the blue box near the rocking horse.

Candy 4 – Found at the Plaza – Click on the cauldren on the right.

Candy 5 – Found at the Cove – Click on the ‘CAUTION’ sign near surf hut.

Candy 6 – Found at the Iceberg – Click on the stars.

Candy 7 – Found at Beacon – Click on the sky three times when lightening strikes.

Candy 8 – Found at Book Room – hover overbook on top of bookshelf.

When you have collected all of the candy, click ‘claim prize’ and you will be rewarded with a Pumpkin Background.

Also, there is a secret lab at the Book Room, if you click the glowing green candle, the shelf will slide down and reveal a secret passage, but you can only enter if you wear the Mad Scientist outfit, which sucks, because I am not a member any more, but my member clothes have stayed put for some reason, and if I change it I can’t look like a member any more. Phew, I said it! Anyway, if you are a member, you can enter the lab and get the item, (a lantern) LUCKY YOU!

Until Then…Waddle On!



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