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February 18, 2010

Puffle Party 2010

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Hey! The Puffle Party ’10 has begun!

Had you noticed the sign is made up of puffle colours except the ‘R’ is orange and the ‘T’ is brown…New Puffles I seek?

Free Item – Puffle Hat – Plaza

There is a members only puffle Show at the Ski Village

You can groom your puffle, show your puffle and even excercise your puffle on the obstical course at the bottom!

Free Item – Puffle Shirt – Puffle Show

The BEST rooms are the Pet Shop, Pool and the Mine which are dedicated to certain puffles. The Pet Shop is obviously dedicated to all puffles, but what ever puffle you are walking anywhere, the colour the balloons and decorations are!

The Mine is dedicated to the White Puffle that enjoys cold and ice!

The Pool is an awesome dedicated to the grumpy black puffle where it skateboards!

Also, press the switch at the back to turn the lights down!

 I was kinda suprised the Coffee Shop wasn’t decorated inside, it usually is!

New Furniture Catalog!

It has new Puffle Items!

1) Blue Lamp – Click inside the mailbox

2) Portal box – Click on the sofa cushion

3) HDTV -Click on the middle stone in the lamp

4) Snowboard rack – Click on the ski in the ski rack

New Igloo Catalog

There is also a new Igloo Catalog with new Igloos and carpets!

Until Then…Waddle On!

Tylerhere07 & Zenzia



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