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February 12, 2010

New Pin and Stage Play

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Hey! The new Pin is a Feather and is at the Beacon

You’re gonna need this Pin later

There is a new stage play called ‘Secrets of the Bamboo Forest’ and it’s about some princess and other stuff… It’s not a bad play. Well, not the worst.

Inside, is a forest section and a palace section

To get to the throne, you need the feather pin and you can cross the bridge to get the princess background that will come out from the ground

Also, the new newspaper is out and Club Penguin decided to bring back the old NEW! icon since 2008! You may have noticed I use this NEW! logo on my most recent posts!

Until Then…Waddle On!



November 13, 2009

Norman Swarm Stage Play and Secret Room!

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Hey everyone! There is a new stage play called Norman Swarm about a penguin that is shrunk and meets strange creatures and insects and even gnomes!

Inside, the stage is completely covered in grass, flowers and insects! There are no seats available, as there are no chairs at all!

This has to be the most frustrating stage play in history, as to get to the secret room, you have to get at least four penguins (including at least ONE bug) to stand on any stones in the pattern of an X in the room. Sounds simple enough, except, no one listens to you and it takes about half and hour to actually get into the room! Sorry about the pictures, no one would move so I had to just take a picture and go!

So once you get underground, you will see a treasure chest, this holds the Pin, to open it, again stand on the stone X’s and it will open! The Pin is called a Magic Phial Pin.

Until Then…Waddle On!


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