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October 9, 2009

New Pin, Storm Coming, Ninja Trial STILL not out!

Filed under: News — Tylerhere07 @ 6:50 am

Hey Everyone! Check out the updates CP made:

The New Pin is at the Lodge Attic on the box on the left and it is a Football!

Football Pin

If you visit the Dojo Courtyard, you can see quite obviously that a storm has reached Club Penguin! It’s not the first time, it happened a year ago too. But for some reason, you can only see the storm at the courtyard and hideout!


And when you go to the hideout, nothing absolutely nothing has been done to the scaffolding on the left, and the only thing new is the storm and the lights are on! This is taking them too long! :evil


And The Gamma Girl vs. Shadow Guy Stage Play has made a cameo, check out the costume catalog and buy some superhero merchandise!

Stage Play

Click the image below to view the Newspaper Issue 208 swf!

Newspaper Issue 208

Club Penguin’s 4th Year Anniversary Party is coming soon, and the newspaper may be showing some subliminal messages behind the colours of the party hats this year. The Penguin is holding three balloons, Yellow, Green, and blue.


I have made a picture of what the party hat could look like!

Anniversary Hat Sneak Peek

Until Then…Waddle On!




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